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 Welcome to my Textile and Garments Blogs. On this website, we get Textile & Garments processing, description, innovation, job interview-related Questions, Process Flow Chart Videos, machines, and current textile-related topics & technologies. In this website, you know a brief explanation of technology & machine, textile engineering in Bangladesh, textile design, garments, fabric, textile industry in Bangladesh, garments manufacturing process in Bangladesh, fabric manufacturing process, Dyeing,

Fiber Manufacturing, Yarn Spinning, Fabric manufacturing, Weaving, Knitting, Non-woven fabric manufacturing, wet -Processing, Printing, washing, Clothing, and Finishing.

Fiber Cultivating, Cotton Strippers, Cotton Pickers, Cotton Ginning, Wool Fiber Manufacturing, Silk Fiber Manufacturing, Synthetic Fiber Manufacturing, Technical Fibers, Bale Management, Blow room, Carding, Drawing, Lab former, Simplex, Roving, Winding, Cone winding, pirn winding, Warping, Sizing, Draw-in, Tye in, Weaving, Dobby weaving, tappet weaving, jacquard weaving, Knitting, Circular knitting machine, Flat ber knitting machine, Warp yarn, weft yarn, Singeing, Desizing, scouring, bleaching, mercerizing, Dyeing, stenter machine, slitting machine, winch dyeing machine, j-box dyeing machine, jigger dyeing machine, jet dyeing machine, semi- continuous dyeing process, continuous dyeing process, printing, screen printing, roller printing, stone washing, scrap washing, laser washing, Basic block, working pattern, sample making, production pattern, marker making, fabric spreading, fabric cutting, sorting, bundling, sewing, industrial engineering, garments inspection, packing, cartooning, delivery, and all textile related machines

Yarn, yarn count, yarn strength tester, GSM, fiber fineness, rubbing, twist testing,


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