Dyeing of Jute Fabric With Basic Dyes


Dyeing of jute fabric with basic dyes

Dyeing of Jute Fabric With Basic Dyes

Basic Dyes

Basic dyes are cationic soluble salts of colored dye bases. Basic dyes are applied to the substrate with an anionic character where electrostatic attraction is formed. Basic dyes are powerful coloring agents. It is applied to jure, wool, silk, cotton, and modified fiber.

Objectives of Dyeing

  • To know about the basic dyes
  • To dye the fabric with basic dyes
  • To know the function of used chemicals in dyeing
  • To know how to improve the dyeing process

Jute Dyeing Recipe

Sequestering agent - 1cc/L
Acetic acid- 2cc/L
Dyes - 1% (o.w.f)
Salt - 12 gm/L
pH - (4.5-5.5)
Temperature - 80 C
M:L - 1:70
Time - 30 minutes

Function of Used Dyeing Chemicals

Dyes - To impart color
Acetic acid - To create an acidic medium for the reaction of dye with fiber
Sequestering agent - to remove hardness from water
Salt - It acts as a catalyst that accelerates the absorption rate

Working Procedure

  1. First, collect all the chemicals like sequestering agent, salt, acetic acid, and dyes according to the measurement of the recipe
  2. Take the sample and measure its weight and also take water in the bath
  3. Now, put all the chemicals except salt in the bath and set the temperature to 80 C
  4. Now, put the salts three times at ten-minute intervals. Each time, 1/3 amount of the total salt should be mixed into the solution 
  5. After 30 minutes withdraw the fabric 
  6. Then, wash the fabric with cold water thoroughly
  7. Finally dry the fabric


Fabric weight = 5.46gm
Weight of water = 5.46*70 = 385 gm
Sequestering agent = 385/1000 = 0.385cc/L
Acetic acid = 2*385/1000 = 0.77cc/L
Dyes = 1/100*5.46 (o.w.f) = 0.0546gm
Salt = 12*385/1000 = 4.62gm


  • All chemical measurements should be taken properly
  • The temperature should be perfect
  • Dyeing time should be according to recipe


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