Desizing Process of Cotton Fabric With Enzyme


Desizing process of cotton fabric with enzyme
Fig: Desizing Process

Desizing Process of Cotton Fabric With Enzyme

Desizing Process

Desizing is done to remove the size from the warp yarns of the woven fabrics. Warp yarns are coated with a sizing agent to reduce their frictional properties decrease yarn breakage and improve weaving productivity. The sizing material presents the warp yarns act as a resist towards dyes and chemicals in wet processing. So, it must be removed in any subsequent wet processing of the fabric.

Apparatus Required for Desizing: 

  • Beaker
  • Electric Balance
  • Measuring Cylinder
  • Dryer
  • Thermometer

Sample Nature

100 % Cotton fabric

Objectives of the Desizing Process

  • To know about the de-sizing process of cotton fabric
  • To increase the absorbency power of the fabric
  • To increase the affinity of the fabric to the dye chemicals
  • To make the fabric suitable for the next process
  • To increase the lustre of the fabric

Recipe for Desizing of Cotton

Sequestering Agent - 1cc/L
Enzyme- 10% o.w.f
Acetic Acid - 1.5 cc/L
pH - (4.5-5.5)
Temperature - (60-70)C
Time- (30-45) minutes
M:L - 1:60

Function of Used Chemicals

  • The sequestering agent is used to remove the hardness of water
  • The enzyme is used for removing starch or other size materials
  • Acetic acid is used for holding pH from (4.5-5.5)
  • pH is needed for the operation of enzymes in desizing

Working Procedure: 

At first in this experiment, we take a piece of fabric from a fabric surface. Then the piece of fabric is measured by a weight measuring machine. After measuring fabric weight, we take water by measuring a cylinder which amount is 60 times greater than its fabric and kept in an aluminum vessel. Then we mixed a specific amount of sequestering agent, acetic acid, and enzymes. After that, we take it to the heater to give the heat to the mixer where the heating temperature is measured by a thermometer. We should keep the mixer at a specific temperature which ranges from (60-70)C kept for (30-45) minutes. Then we drop out all the mixing materials and the fabric is washed with cold water. Then take it to the dryer and keep it in for 5 minutes. Then measure the fabric weight. At last, from the weight of fabric with sizing material and without sizing material, we measure the weight percentage of sizing material.


Fabric Weight - 6.20 gm

M:L = 1:60

Amount of Liquid = 60* 6.20 = 372 mL

Sequestering Agent = 372/1000 =  0.372 mL

Enzyme = 6.20 * 10/100 (weight of fabric) 


Acetic Acid = 1.5 * 372 / 1000  =  0.558 mL

Weight of Sizing Material = Fabric weight before deciding - Fabric weight after desizing / Fabric                                                         weight before desizing
                                            = 6.20-5.56 / 6.20 *100
                                              = 10.32 %


Weight of sizing material = 10.32%


  • Before measuring the weight of the fabric, the electric balance value must remain zero
  • We should see the temperature of the thermometer properly
  • During the fabric heating, the temperature range should be (60-70) C
  • Fabric should be kept in the heater for (30-45) minutes


From this experiment, we learn how to remove sizing material from the warp yarns of woven fabric which will help in our future practical life of dyeing



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